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    About Us
    0 About Us

    Easy Albania App was born as an idea during the global pandemic period, seeing the needs and problems that consumers encounter during home closure.
    The Easy Albania application would be the solution to all problems. The Easy Albania App comes as part of the multidimensional company Easy Albania, a company that focuses on customer service. With 10 years of experience in this field, ready to help and facilitate the lifestyle of the consumer. The Easy Albania app as the name "Easy" itself is created...

    How to create a vendor account
    0 How to create a vendor account

    Every business that offers products or services for sale has the opportunity to create its own seller account on the e-commerce platform of Easy Albania. Just follow the steps illustrated below to get started selling online!

    1. Simple customer registration

    As a start you should register in Easy Albania as a simple customer. This is because only after you have created a regular user account, you have the option to apply to create an account as a seller. To register click on the top right of the...